Destin Man Chosen as Global Samsung Olympic Blogger

The eyes of the world will soon be on London for 2012 Olympic Games. One Destin man is getting the chance to be one of 4 US bloggers through the Samsung Global Blogger Program.

Julio Fernandez says he has a laundry list of people he wants to meet, places to see, and moments he wants to capture; and, to think, it all started with picture, a "tweet", and a dream.

When Fernandez visited the Olympic Stadium in London this past May, he says he never knew he'd be back for the real thing.

He took a chance entering this video displaying his strengths and passions of social media to the Samsung Global Blogger Program just days before the deadline.

"Then in the morning I see a tweet that says "Hey Julio, check your email. You won," said Fernandez

Then began a whirlwind few weeks for Fernandez as he updated his various social media outlets, tested out the best apps to capture the games.

"And I purchased 12 different shirts with USA flags on it so I can wear during the Olympics," said Fernandez.

Samsung is the official wireless communication partner of this year's Olympic Games. With a background in technology and social media research, he feels he's ready for this gold medal challenge.

"I'm a geek, so I have a bunch of different phones, a bunch of different computers, so that's going to be easy for me. But they also wanted to find someone who can create content that search engines can find and that people want to read and share," said Fernandez.

Born and raised in Colombia, Fernandez moved to Florida in the 1980s and earned his US Citizenship soon after. Some might call him a man of the world…a world that's seen great unrest in recent years.

"But I think that we can show that two hundred and five countries are coming together to get along and participate from the opening ceremonies all the way to the closing," said Fernandez.

Though he's aware of the great responsibility of his position, he's also looking forward to the behind the scenes perks.

When News 13 asked him to name the top 5 people he wanted to meet, he responded:

"Everybody from the beach volleyball team. That covers the five."

And just how excited is Fernandez?

"It's a great opportunity, I mean I've never been able to go to the Olympics, so the first time and to get Samsung to cover all of the expenses...pretty cool…it's a dream come true," Fernandez added.

From: wmbb

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