Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean and Verizon’s Samsung Developer phone

JULY 17, 2012, 11:39 A.M. New York local time — Samsung’s Verizon Galaxy S3 model for developer gets its own landing page, while Android Jelly Bean ported to the Samsung Galaxy S3 courtesy of CyanogenMod.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most popular Android smartphone right now according to analysts, and unsurprisingly, it is also the favorite of developers thanks to its quad-core Exynos 4 system on a chip.

Ahead of the widely anticipated Android Jelly Bean update for the popular Android-based device, CyanogenMod himself has unleashed the JB preview build for the Samsung Galaxy S3 with the CyanogenMOD 10 code. As reported by Mobile Syrup, it is an “early build” so expect to see some weird things in your phone. Also, be sure to read the instructions at the XDA site to avoid bricking (or destroying) your “designed for rich humans” phone.

If you’re not an “advanced” user, well, you may need to wait until the end of this year or early next year for the official Android Jelly Bean update of the Samsung Galaxy S3. According to Samsung, it will “soon announce which additional devices are eligible for the Jelly Bean update,” apparently, with no mention of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Speaking of developers, Samsung’s official website finally unveils the Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon model with the unlocked bootloader. The new page confirms that the device will ship with 32GB on-board storage.

Reports say Samsung will start shipping the Verizon Wireless-compatible smartphone before the end of this month sporting the tag price of $599 to $649.99, and of course, the price may change. We’ll update this post if Samsung will issue a statement related to the new Verizon S3 for devs variant.

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