Samsung campaign in 2012 London Olympics Games

Samsung's marketing

The Olympic Games is a big hot spot. It wins the considerable exposure naturally if you become the official sponsor. Well, I am sure you will think of Samsung here, since replaced Motorola in 1997 as the global Olympic partnership in the field of wireless communications equipment. So it immediately become Samsung's showing time once the Olympic Games begin.

As the official phone of 2012 London Olympic, their latest flagship Samsung Galaxy S III also took the opportunity to sell ads, and even Beckham kicks off London Olympics in Samsung ad. Though he cannot act as a player of England, but his smile is also charming.

And at the opening ceremony, the funny expression of Mr. Bean with Samsung mobile phones on his hand also makes people realize that the ad ability of Samsung is very powerful. Do you know the phone? The answer is the Samsung S5830.

Report says: the purpose of Samsung chooses it is want to dilute the impact of implantation. Think about it, if Mr. Bean is holding the Samsung's Galaxy S3, it is too obvious that Samsung is in advertising.

"Samsung is delighted to be a part of such a special occasion, and through our innovative products we hope to unite people across the globe in their anticipation and celebration of the London 2012 Olympic Games, said Younghee Lee, Senior Vice President at Samsung mobile marketing.

As the top representative in the smartphone, GALAXYS Ⅲ open a new way to watch and participate in the Olympic event.

And now Samsung Launched its Galaxy S3 London Olympics 2012 Edition. The device is expected to sell like hot cakes as anyone who loves the Union Jack, the Olympic Games or, for that matter, Samsung or Android, or just keep it as a memorabilia.

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