Samsung galaxy s3 review

With the developing of the mobile Internet, Smart phones have become the most important mobile Internet access terminals. Users put forward higher requirements for all aspects of the smartphone. Samsung launched GALAXY S3 quad-core mobile phone earlier this summer which is a high-end hardware spec smartphone, and it's an impressive device with over 10 million units sold already. Rumors also say Samsung seems to be lining up a black version of the popular Galaxy S3 smartphone.

The screen of Samsung GALALXY S3 is the largest one of the highlights. In addition to 4.8 inches large screen size, the resolution is also reached to the highest standards in the current mobile phone - Standard HD specification, 1280x720 pixels, which means that if we watch 720p HD movies on the Samsung GALAXY S3, it can "point to point play. In addition, the Samsung S3 fuselage used the second-generation gorilla glass of Corning. Compared to the first generation, the wear resistance and strength raising a lot, but also thinner, more robust ability resistant to scratches.

The AMOLED display gives the S3 a longer lasting battery compared to, say, the HTC One X and it’s better looking but more power hungry Super LCD 2. All things considered, Samsung really knocked the display out of the park with this device. The screen looks absolutely beautiful without sucking the battery dry. Super AMOLED is also equipped with mDNIe (mobile Digital Natural Image engine) technology which let Mobile phone make respond to quickly.

Samsung GALALXY S3 uses Samsung's own quad-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 Processor, you can operate more tasks instantly, there is also a substantial increase in its processing speed and energy saving compared to the dual-core. And enhanced graphics capabilities allow you to experience the silky smooth picture display. Compared to the Galaxy S2, S3 performance improves. The boot time become shorter, and the speed of application launch and web browsing has improved.

With a powerful quad-core performance in the Samsung GALALXY S3, the PIP function (Pop Up Play) can watch the video, while checking the mail, browse the Web or send text messages, but also allows video playback and custom sizes suspended in a variety of interface. 

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