Samsung to reveal Windows 8 tablet at IFA 2012

Although Samsung Electronics loss in the battle with Apple, paid for Apple $1-billion-plus, but recently good news about Samsung revealed their Windows 8 tablet occurred, seems Samsung Windows 8 tablet soon to meet with us, so let’s forget the rumor which says after Apple v Samsung, coming soon it’s Apple v Google.

The company's Facebook page displays a photo of the new tablet with the tagline "Ready to be smart" and the phrase "IFA 2012, Berlin." Samsung is also telling its Facebook followers "Don't worry; it's just around the corner..." That is to say Samsung Windows 8 tablet will be released in Berlin IFA.
Equipped with an Intel chip, the new tablet will run the new System of Windows 8, not the Windows RT version. An 8-megapixel camera graces the rear with a 2-megapixel camera in front. Samsung put the battery life at around 10 hours and noted that the tablet is charged while docked.

News from tomshardware also said Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Has Bigger Profit Margin than iPad. More than two years after the introduction of the iPad, Samsung appears to be very confident in the tablet market and is shooting for margins that exceed Apple's iPad levels.
Earlier in this year, on the Taipei International Computer Show, we have seen the Samsung Series 5 Hybrid Windows 8 tablet lineup, and look at the pictures and video from Samsung; the upcoming new products are very similar. Samsung is going to release its Windows 8 tablet, equipped with 11-inch screen, a physical keyboard, a stylus; these features are also similar to the Series 5 Hybrid.

Fortunately, IFA in Berlin will soon open. Let us look forward to whether Samsung will release such a Windows 8 tablet at that time, and what impact it will bring to Samsung.

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