Samsung VS Apple: the new product fight

The current global smartphone manufacturers are undoubtedly Samsung and Apple, and the competition between the two is all-round, not only the Patent Trial but also the product line are secretly soared awkward. Recently, the U.S. federal judge rejected the previous request of the Apple. Last year, in federal court in San Jose, California, Apple claims Samsung saying it copied the design of the iPhone and iPad; Subsequently, Samsung, launched a counterclaim.

The lawsuits between the two will eventually reconciliation, and now the two companies are stepping up their own product layout. Samsung has confirmed that the new generation of the Galaxy Note will released on August 29 while rumors saying Apple’s new iPhone release date will advance in two weeks. The media also predicted that the new Galaxy Note features a strong 5.5-inch screen, slightly larger than the existing models, and will with a faster processor and better camera. Although Apple has the proud iPhone product, but since Samsung launched the Galaxy series, it has excellent contacts in the smartphone market. This is why Samsung ranked first in the world smartphone market.

What are the advantages of the two rely on? Apple: the fanatical fan, the relatively low cost, high profit margins of huge third party support and industry chain, the unique system, potential developers. Samsung: more comprehensive product line, both the characteristics of the product meet the gradual rise demand of the user, Android's own open source, and a good relations with operator , the relative price span.

In the second quarter of this year, Samsung smartphone shipments reached 50 million, while the iPhone for 26 million, as twice as higher. Apple will release a new iPhone in September this year, a report released by JP Morgan Chase recently; saying the year's production of iPhone will reach 59 million if iPhone5 can bring a greater change.

JP Morgan expects Apple will sell 39.5 million iPhone 5 in the fourth quarter of this year; 37.8 million can be sold in the first quarter of 2013. If Apple can bring about it, then the pressure of the Samsung becomes greater.  Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S III, achieved sales of over ten million results in just two month. And this is the important models of Samsung to compete with iPhone5.

In addition to the smartphone, in the tablet market, Samsung has been glued to the Apple iPad strategies. According to Samsung invitations distributed to the media, Samsung will release the Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet PC with a stylus recently. It is reported the Galaxy Note 10.1 is a full-featured tablet computer and fully taps the characteristics of the stylus to interact with the office tools. With the success of the iPad, Apple is also considering the smaller market and some of the tablets, like the iPad Mini enter people's vision. If Apple launched iPad Mini, it will affect Samsung Tablet PC shipments. After all, in the tablet market, the advantage of the Apple iPad is greater while other Tablet PC manufacturer’s market influence is negligible. In the new product market, we see that the Samsung and Apple are not on the same way. The change of Apple iPhone5 is a move in order to adapt in the market, undoubtedly Samsung do better in this aspect.

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