Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 on sale after 2012 Olympic

The London 2012 Olympic Games have become a legend a few days ago.As the Official Worldwide Olympic Partner in Wireless Communications Equipment for the London 2102 Olympic Games, Samsung reap sales during the Olympics Games. Good news continues, Yesterday Samsung Company announced at an event in New York that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet will go on sale Aug. 16. Today the company's new Tablet Galaxy Note 10.1 officially listed in the U.S.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 comes in two models: The 16 GB version retails at $499 and the 32 GB model retails at $549. Color white and dark gray are provided, which you can buy from Best Buy, Amazon and other retailers. Samsung’s new tablets compete with Apple's iPad and the upcoming Microsoft Surface tablet.

In fact, Galaxy Note the first is a 5.3 inches smart phones, because of its size ranged between smartphones and tablet PCs, dubbed the "Phablet (Phablet = phone + the tablet).  Galaxy Note 10.1 is not a cellphone, but compared with the Galaxy Note with a smaller body, version 10.1 also equipped with a pressure-sensitive stylus, called S Pen.

S Pen can be used for the Galaxy Note 10.1 multi-screen display function, users can browse the applications or Web pages, while also use the S Pen to take notes at the same time.

Things get interesting once you start using the S Pen. As soon as you remove the stylus from its housing, a pop-up menu will appear on the right side of the screen that displays all the apps that are designed to work with the S Pen. This includes S Note, S Planner, Crayon Physics, Photoshop Touch and Polaris Office.

Photoshop Touch is pre-installed in the Galaxy Note 10.1. Files can be synchronized to the Adobe Creative Cloud, and open on the PC. Adobe Creative Cloud provides 2GB of free storage space.

The same application software pre-installed in the Galaxy Note 10.1 also includes e-books from Kno and Barnes & Noble. Users can also get Drop box cloud storage capacity of 50GB free for two years.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will still run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with 1.4-GHz quad-core processor. As far as hardware, the Galaxy Note 10.1 isn’t a real standout, which has a 10.1-inch display with a 1,280 by 800 pixel resolution. It also has a 5 million pixel camera and a 1.9 million pixel front camera.

Galaxy Note 10.1 also provides the form of a floating window to play the video, function as “Pop up the Play". This feature first appeared on Samsung's Galaxy S III smartphone. But on Galaxy Note 10.1, the user can adjust the size of the floating window.

For now, and for most people, the iPad is still the better buy. The main reason is that there's much more, and better, third-party software available for it. But the Galaxy Note shows that the pressure is building on the iPad, and Apple will have to work if it wants to maintain its lead. So whether people are willing to pay a premium for a stylus and a few extra apps remains to be seen.

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