Nielsen: Young Adults,Teens Lead Smartphone Owners

Apple is set to have one of its classic big announcements on Wednesday, widely expected to announce the new iPhone, and before, Nokia release of two new smartphones include Lumia 920 and Lumia820 last week. Nielsen took a survey into who’s buying the most smartphones and, more importantly, what kind of Operating system they use.

The report released yesterday show that Young adult between age 25 and 34 leads smartphone ownership. 74 percent said they owned smartphones in July 2012, compared with 59 percent in July 2011. 

“Among most age groups smartphones represent the majority of U.S. mobile subscribers, but American teens were the age group adopting smartphones the fastest,” said Nichole Henderson, a Nielsen analyst. ”As teens increase in their share of smartphone owners, mobile carriers and manufacturers should consider how to market to this growing group.”

Report also says that Android handsets continue to lead the smartphone market, with both a majority of smartphone owners and recent acquirers (those who obtained their handset in the last 3 months) now owning a phone that runs on the Android operating system. Apple’s iPhone followed closely with a share of 34 percent of smartphone owners and 33 percent of recent acquirers choosing an iOS handset. BlackBerry handsets decreased to an 8 percent share of the U.S. smartphone market and only 3 percent of recent acquirers.

Samsung Mobile, Apple’s biggest smartphone rival, is doing well in the sales department. According to ABC News, Samsung has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has attracted 20 million customers in just three months (with a remainder of few days). Thanks to Samsung and other carriers, Android may will still dominate in the smartphone market. 

But with the upcoming of Windows phone8, including the world's first Windows Phone 8-Samsung Ativ S, amazing ideas will come to a lot of people: Is it time to adopt Windows Phone?

Nokia also try to keep up with Samsung and Apple in the Smartphone market with Lumia 920 and 820,like Nokia Maps, Nokia Transport and Nokia Drive all upgraded with new features for the two devices, but is it enough to make Windows Phone and Nokia successful? The Windows phone 8 operating system, which will launch soon, comes with a lot of improvements, including a better Start screen, near-field communication support and new mapping features that are designed to help folks not only find out where they’re going, but also locate points of interest. But the problem is that how to make the consumers switch to the Windows phone8? 

What do you think? Is the anticipation surrounding Apple’s new iPhone halting sales, or are dedicated Apple gurus heading over to Android or the Windows phone8? The X-Factor here is, as always. Let us know in the comments below. 

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