Review: Samsung efforts to fight with Apple

News about Samsung has never stopped. Although loss in the patent lawsuit with Apple before, and now Apple seeks ban on Samsung Galaxy Note10.1 and Samsung Galaxy S III, which released in May ,2012 . But Samsung did never give up. Now let’s review all things Samsung have done in order to compete with Apple,include the new iPhone and iPad.

1.Samsung Galaxy SIII vs iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy SIII is no doubt the most popular smartphone in the market which sells 10 million in two months. Samsung is pinning its hopes on the S III to further erode its market share before the expected new version of Apple's iPhone 5 this year.

2.Samsung Galaxy Note2 vs  iPhone 5

Samsung officially released its second generation of the Galaxy Note-Samsung Galaxy Note II on August 30, 2012. And rumors said Samsung is planning to launch a service called S Cloud, which would (obviously) compete with Apple’s iCloud.

3.Cooperate with Microsoft Windows Phone 8 

Samsung unveils world's first Windows Phone 8 device on August 30, 2012. Even before Microsoft's major partner- Nokia. It is obvious that 

The company wants to reduce its dependence on Android through strengthening its cooperation with Microsoft. Samsung hope maintains a leading position in the smartphone market by this way.

4.Galaxy 10.1 vs iPad Mini

The Galaxy Note 10.1 is Samsung’s latest attempt to take on the iPad and threaten Apple's dominance in the tablet market, with new features of the stylus pen which released on 16 August. The iPad Mini is said going to launched in October.

People believe Apple Vs Samsung will be a advantage to Nokia. The Nokia is going to release its new Windows phone on septermber5, 2012. May  be that time it will a threaten t to the Samsung.

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