Samsung enters Top 10 of global brands, thanks to Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note

According to the results of its 13th annual Best Global Brands report, which released by Interbrand a few days ago, Samsung enters top 10 of global brands, Ranks 9th On Interbrand’s Best Global Brands. While at the same time, Samsung’s biggest competitor Apple is now the Second Most Valuable Brand in the World.
Coca-Cola (KO) was able to retain its number one spot, although not by a wide-margin. Then Apple follows. The value of Apple’s brand increased by 129% in the past year, jump to second place thanks to its Outstanding sales in both developing and emerging markets ,ahead of all other technology companies, including IBM, Google and Microsoft.

But even that, it doesn’t mean that Samsung fall far behind Apple. Samsung has made a big surprise appearance into the Top 10 for the first time in history. The Korean company’s brand is now considered to be the 9th most valuable in the world, and said to be worth $32.8 billion.  And according to betanews,  Samsung brand perception rises, as Apple falls。

Samsung have become the world's largest maker of mobile phones. Interbrand considers the fact as a key reason for this. However, the consultancy also counts the amount of buzz that the Korean company has been able to generate regarding its flagship devices, the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note, as instrumental in making Samsung break into the Top 10.
Samsung galaxy s3
Samsung’s huge campaign at the 2012 Olympic Games in London also helped its brand a lot. As the official phone of 2012 London Olympic, Samsung galaxy S3 has achieved a great success. And also T-Mobile announced through their Twitter feed that Samsung’ Galaxy S3 device is their best-selling device of all time. And it certainly looks like the company’s legal troubles prompted by Apple haven’t done anything to tarnish its brand’s value.

Other brands featured in the report and which have something to do with mobile stuff include Google at No.4, Microsoft at No.5 (down from No.3 last year), Nokia at No.19 (compared to No.14 in 2011), Amazon at No.20, and Sony at No.40.

But I think that will soon change, as Nokia will release its flagship smartphone- Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 come with windows phone 8.  The competition between Smartphone and Tablets will become more intense. Today, like Amazon and Google, Microsoft pay a lot of attention in the smartphone and tablets market.

The full Interbrand report is available here.

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