Three measures Facebook have taken to Retain Social Network Dominance

With the developing of mobile devices,now more and more people appeals to have fun at any time anywhere with its portal device. Whether watch the YouTube videos or chat with friends, all of them have inspired company should pay attention to its mobile service. That includes the social networking giant–Facebook.

Everyone wants to know how well Facebook is doing with mobile. According to a new research report, almost one in five new Facebook fans came from mobile devices in August, an increase of 280% in four months.

PageLever looked at more than 500 Facebook Pages with 100,000 or more Facebook fans and found only 5% of new fans came from mobile in May, but that number jumped to 19% in August. 

1. Facebook expands mobile app install ads to all developers

If Facebook’s going to make money on mobile, it needs developers building social apps that send it content and buying ads. That’s why making it easy to build Facebook-integrated apps is critical, and why today it revamped its Android SDK and launched the Android Dev Center.  That is to say, two months after offering app install ads for mobile devices to a select group of app developers and their marketing partners,Facebook Mobile Ad Unit for Apps Now Available to All Developers.

2. Facebook Invites Press to Gifts Event in NYC Nov. 1

According to the news from CNET, Facebook sent an invitation to members of the press late Thursday for an event scheduled in New York City to “come see what’s new with Facebook Gifts.”

The invitation — which also includes the words “You = Invited” in front of a grey-scale packaged gift — will be held at FAO Schwarz toy store on Thursday, Nov. 1 at 7:30 p.m.

This marks Facebook will hold a press event in the upcoming weeks. The main purpose is to stimulate the growth of its business.

3. India, A New Facebook Testing Ground

India is becoming such a important testing ground for Facebook as it strives to cash in on growth in emerging markets and better target mobile-phone users—two increasingly pressing goals for the social-networking firm.

The company sees the giant nation, whose Internet user base is expanding rapidly, as a market central to its future prospects. Since putting its first employee in India in 2010, Facebook has grown from eight million Indian users to 65 million as of this month, making it one of the company's top global markets.By contrast, Facebook's growth appears to be slowing, particularly in the U.S, mainly due to so much competitors .  

But sustaining that growth and cashing in on it won't be a cinch. The firm must cater to millions of Indians coming online for the first time on low-tech mobile phones with spotty cell service. Everything—from Facebook's own services to the many apps Indian companies develop—will have to work in that environment. The firm must also lure marketers who still see social-media advertising as a fringe, experimental activity.

Just like Ms. Reddy said: "We're just early in our journey. "We've got 1.2 billion people in India. We have a lot of people we still need to reach." India looks enticing: the country has about 100 million Internet users now, mostly via desktops, but the real prize is the group of 900 million-plus mobile-phone users, most of whom will get Web access for the first time in coming years.So Facebook have a lot work to do in order to be more successful in India.

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