Best 5 Christmas Live Wallpaper Apps for the Android in 2012

Wow…there are only 47 days left before Christmas 2012 arrives, not far away from us. With the upcoming Christmas, Intensely festive atmosphere get closer and closer to us. And Android activations have seen a boost soar on Christmas Eve, according the news from Mashable. Ok, here I will introduce a series of Christmas live wallpaper apps for your Android phone to help you enjoy more during the holiday season, in addition to popular customs like exchanging gifts, decorating Christmas trees, attending church, sharing meals with family and friends and, of course, waiting for Santa Claus to arrive.

Top 5: Christmas Live Wallpaper Free

With this App, you can enjoy watching live effects of gently falling snowflakes or play the sound of holiday music. Decorate and light up the Christmas Tree, make up the fire in the house, scroll the winter scene or tilt your phone to see amazing accelerometer effects are all allowed.

Top 4: Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper
Snowfall Free Live Wallpaper
Snowfall is a beautiful live wallpaper featuring gentle snowflakes falling overtop swaying pine trees. Not a movie, with full support for landscape mode and home screen switching!

Top 3: Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper
Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper
Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper is the most downloaded holidays Live Wallpaper on the Google Market, and is the only fully customizable Android Free Live Wallpaper, that does not require you to buy a paid version to enable settings.

Top 2:  3D Christmas Live Wallpaper
3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Fr
This App Features a sparkling Christmas Tree of Light, plus an exciting Countdown to Christmas and the New Year. Both scenes in the free version can be enjoyed as a live wallpaper background, or as a fully interactive foreground app where you can look around freely, and quickly customize your settings.

Top 1: Christmas HD
This app can celebrate the wonders of Christmas - in true 3-D! Customize every part of the scene, including your own photograph on the fireplace, your text on the stockings and the message for Santa. Choose the color of lights; customize the ornaments, gifts and ribbons, snowflakes, garland, tree topper, and more!
This wallpaper is true 3-D with hand-crafted artwork. Feature silky-smooth animations while conserving your battery life.

A small tip for beginners:

Download and Install the live wallpapers from the download links given below each wallpaper.
To set a live wallpaper — Go to Home –> Menu –> Wallpaper –> Live wallpapers

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