Best E-Reader Under $100 for Christmas holidays

While someone prefers to buy a smartphone or tablets as their holiday gift, someone intends to own an E-Reader as this year’s gift. And good news: they are much cheaper than smartphones and tablets, and have jumped way down in price due to the intense competition. Today, I will introduce best E-Readers Under $100 for Christmas holidays, which one will be the winner in the battle?

Top Contenders
Once mention about the Top E-Reader Contenders, basic model like Kindle, the Nook Simple Touch, and the Kobo Touch naturally come to our mind, which all share a few traits other than a reasonable price. They all feature 6-inch screens, 2 GB of storage, Wi-Fi for downloading books, and good readability. But a few differentiating factors may tip the balance.

Nook Simple Touch ($99)
The tech giant, CNET, said Nook Simple Touch is “Best E-ink Reader”.
As you may have guessed, the device has a touch screen. It is the biggest of all the device which features a 6.5 inch height screen, with physical buttons along the edges to turn the pages. And while you can get it for $99, an extra $20 upgrades you to the Glow Touch, which adds backlighting to the screen for night reading.

The Nook is responsive and zippy as you move between menus, it has lots of extra features, and the screen looks good (not as good as the Kindle, but very readable)

Kindle ($89)
The Kindle family offers a range of devices priced from $89 (or $69 if you don't mind the Special Offers display when you're not reading) to the $499, 8.9-inch, 4G Kindle Fire HD, which is called tablets rather than an E-Reader. But for the under-$100 e-reader market, Amazon really only offers one option, simply called "Kindle."

The Kindle is less than 6 ounces, even lighter than a paperback, so it fits nice in your hands and in your pocket. Another defining factor: it has a very high contrast screen; text stands out more clearly on the Kindle than on any other of the competitors.

One problem on the device is this Kindle model does not have a touch screen. That's not a big deal if you download all your books over one secure Wi-Fi network, but if you consistently need to enter passwords or search terms, toggling the cursor around to select letters instead of typing is a P-A-I-N.

Kobo Touch ($99)
“Kobe Touch is the most natural e-ink reader we've ever used”, Wired Magazine said. And Just as the name implies, unlike Kindle, the Kobo Touch has a touch screen. So everything will be easier when you turn pages and adjust font size with the responsive touch screen.
Kobo Touch comes with a store of 2.5 million books and includes more than a million free books, just like the Amazon and Barnes & Noble online stores. Kobo is also compatible with the open eBook formats like EPUB, so you can borrow a wide range of titles from your library.
Kobo Touch is thin and light, so it is convenience to carry just like the others.

There are some other sub-$100 options. The Aluratek Libre offers more functions than others like mp3, and so does it has a smaller, darker screen, and it's painfully slow. But it's discounted to about $79 dollars and comes preloaded with 100 of the classics.

Final Verdict
Since touchscreen have been such a handy feature and personally, I have used to use the touchscreen, I have to rule out the low-end Kindle. Kobo is easy to use, but it's not the most polished or zippiest, compared to other E-Readers. So that makes the Nook Simple Touch my pick for Best E-reader for under $100.

Of course, If you have prepared to afford more than $100, I have collected other related information for you, and you can go to have a look:

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