How to Control Your Computer with Your Android Phone or iPhone

For most people, there must have been countless times when you have settled down on the sofa to watch a film but less than a minute you want to take a nap as you feel tired, at that time you may feel in trouble to pause from the comfort of your sofa, So want to pause just on the sofa? And sometime on the way to work, you suddenly find that you have leave some important documents at home so you need Email the forgotten file from your home to office. What we can do when face these problem? Can we control computers with our android phone or iPhone ?

So with the popularity of smartphone, whether iPhone or Android phones, there are a list of apps that can make it happen. With these apps, you can control your computer by your phone in remote. Here is a look at some of the best tools for android phone and iPhone. Just check one you like most.

TeamViewer is the incredibly useful app for remote access, which enables you to control your PC or Mac from your Android device no matter where you are and you can also benefit from gaining access to your private home computer to edit documents or use particular software while you are on the road.

After install the client software, you need to use a short numerical code and password to gain access to your PC/Mac from your Android phone. You can transfer files between computer and mobile too, and the app works over 3G and 4G as well as Wi-Fi.

Watch the video Tutorial or this article to help you if you have a problem to start use this app.

PocketCloud Remote RDP / VNC is a similar powerful program that let users control Remote desktop access to Windows and Mac OS from Android device. And PocketCloud Remote Desktop Pro version are also provided, at a price of $14.99, which let you Access your files, pictures, and applications like Outlook, Word, Photoshop, games or any other program.

GoToMyPC also offers many of the same features just like TeamViewer, but to use this app, you'll need a monthly subscription (a 30-day trial is available if you want to test it out). GoToMyPC gives you the freedom to go anywhere you choose and connect right to your Mac or PC by take your Android phone or tablet.

If you have less ambitious needs and simply want to control a particular program over your home Wi-Fi, there are a number of dedicated apps for the likes of iTunes and Remote for VLC. Google's own YouTube Remote lets you play and pause videos on your computer, as well as queue up clips, search for more content and get information about what you're watching. Finally, Unified Remote covers a host of applications on the Windows platform, including Spotify and Windows Media Center.

Apple offers its own Remote app for controlling just about everything in iTunes—movies, music, search—from your iPhone iPad, or iPod touch. It's free to install and easy to set up to work with a PC or Mac.

Apple Remote

If you need full remote access for your computer, then LogMeIn is a free app which can tunnel in to any PC or Mac with the client software installed, which can remotely control your PCs and Macs over WiFi/3G/4G with the free app.
Keyboard and mouse shortcut keys are included, so you can perform just about any task you could if you were right in front of the computer. If you upgrade to a paid-for LogMeIn subscription, you can access additional features, such as file transfers, but the free plan will be enough for many users.

There are other apps also offer similar function like Splashtop Remote Desktop, at a paid price of $2.99, and PocketCloud Remote Desktop, which is free to use. There are more choices for iPhone users, compared to Android.

As on Android, program-specific remote controllers are available as well—you can pick up apps for VLC, Windows Media Center and Winamp, to name a few

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