Samsung wishes you happy holidays with Samsung galaxy s3 and Galaxy note 2(ad review)

Samsung, the world’s largest mobile phone maker, is trying hard to attract more users during this Christmas holiday by release a series of warm Christmas-ish ads for its hottest smartphone, including the breakthrough gadget Samsung galaxy s3 and the smartphone-tablet hybrid Galaxy Note2, wish the viewers happy holidays. Here Let's review the ad of Samsung galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2.

Samsung Galaxy S3 ad for Christmas released
The new ad about Samsung galaxy s3, shows off the S Beam feature of the S3 and Galaxy Note II, also features Santa, Mrs. Clause, is published on December 12, not a long time from the earlier ad just released last month, which show a women sending her husband a naughty video so that he could take it with him on his travels. She transferred the video over the air from her S3 to this. Personally, I like the new ad very much, so funny and Sweet.

You can check out the Samsung Galaxy S3 ad below.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ad for Christmas released
The new ad called Happy Holidays with Kirigami, which contains the ancient art-form of cutting and folding paper, is used to wish everyone happy holidays. The beautiful scenes are highlighted by the large display of Galaxy Note 2 with a fun background score.

Watch the Samsung galaxy note 2 ad below:

So what do you think about the ad, Apple and other Smartphone maker wouldn’t have made one like this for its representative product this Christmas, right? Will you update to the iPhone 5 or Samsung?

For those who have planned to buy Samsung smartphone this holiday, you can read this full review about Galaxy Note 2 from CNET.

Summary:  Both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note II are currently the hottest smartphone in the market and available on all four major U.S. carriers with varying colors and prices. The Galaxy S3 starts at $199 across all carriers, while the Galaxy Note II costs $299 on all carriers except T-Mobile which charges $369 for the phablet. Of course all of them will offer a cheaper price this Christmas and plenty of online retailers will offer a special price to all customers. I will update all the useful discount information in time here.

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