5 Best Free Siri Alternatives for Android in 2013

Tired of the pain of typing on your android phone? Use an android device but want to use voice to control phones like the voice assistant named “Siri” on the iPhone 4s or iPhone 5? Yes, these options are now available on Android too with Siri Alternatives for Android.
5 Best Free Siri Alternatives for Android in 2013
Today, I will introduce Top 5 Awesome Siri Alternatives for Android that will let you take advantage of Siri like personal voice assistant on your Android phone. But keep in mind that due to I don’t own an iPhone and hence I can't guarantee that these tools can provide perfect features that is almost as good as Siri.

1.  Google Voice Search 
With Google Voice Search, you can quickly search your phone, the web, and nearby locations by speaking, instead of typing. Call your contacts, get directions, and control your phone with Voice Actions is possible, but is only available in US English for now.
5 Best Free Siri Alternatives for Android in 2013-Google Voice Search
2.  Skyvi (Siri for Android) 
Skyvi can do a lot for you: send and read texts, call contacts, find locations, get directions, play music, retrieve weather information, tells jokes, update social media with voice, and more. The only problem is getting those features to respond to voice accurately.
Skyvi (Siri for Android)-Siri Alternatives
3.  Speaktoit Assistant 
Speaktoit Assistant is a brilliant voice assistant for your Android device. It understands (almost) everything you say as voice commands and responds to it accordingly, and the app is named among Top 10 Android apps of the Year by New York Times.
Siri Alternatives Speaktoit Assistant
Speaktoit Assistant answer questions, search for information, get maps, launch apps and connect you with various web services, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and many others.

4.  Vlingo
 Vlingo is probably the best voice-control app for Android. Vlingo lets you send texts and emails, voice dial, find local restaurants and businesses, buy movie tickets, open apps, update Twitter or Facebook, and more, all with your voice. The app is my favorite and I spent most of the time on it.
Siri Alternatives Vlingo
5.  iris
iris can do the usual: calendar (Remind me of the meeting coming Friday), call and text contacts, Google search, weather reports, find locations, set alarms, and interact with social media. Iris’s speech recognition is impressive. No matter what I said, she heard me perfectly.Iris might be the original Siri alternative (look at their names!), but it has fallen behind a bit.
Siri Alternatives iris
Note: You need to have "Voice Search" and "TTS library" installed in your phone for iris.

If you use another Siri-type app for Android, let me know in the comments!

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