CES 2013: Huawei aims for Samsung with world's biggest smartphone-Ascend Mate

The CES Show, which brings us the hottest and newest electronics innovations, is held every year and draws a lot people's attention! This year, If there's one thing that's become quite clear at CES 2013 it's that 5-inch-plus phones are no longer strange.

Samsung launched its Samsung galaxy note 2 with a 5.5 inch display last year, and since then 5-inch or even bigger phones are starting to become common, such as HTC with the 5 inch Droid DNA, Sony’s new flagship phone -Xperia Z, and the world's biggest smartphone-Ascend Mate unveiled by China’s Huawei Technologies on Monday, features a 6.1-inch display.
Huawei Ascend Mate
So today let’s focus on Huawei’s new android phone to take a close look. Is bigger really better?

Ascend Mate runs on android 4.1 jelly bean, and boasts a 720p display. And also it has a Huawei's own Hi-Silicon 1.5 GHz quad-core processor. The highlight on this handset is the phone equipped with a huge 4,050mAh battery, which can provide 48 hours of power, Huawei says, while the Galaxy Note only has a 3100mAh battery. All of these Specs should hypothetically help it approach the snappy performance of the Note II.  Sadly the device has a typical 8MP and 1MP cameras on the rear and front, respectively.
Huawei Ascend Mate battery
Just like the Nokia Lumia 920, people can wear a glove and still use its capacitive display, called Magic Touch. And also like smartphone giants like Samsung, Huawei adding its own software spin to what Android already offers. These include a map and augmented reality combo called Guiding Wizard to get you places as well as high-speed look-up and word translation through smart reading. The phone also have a Swift Sharing function, which is supposed to let users share files even faster than S Share, offering speeds up to 150 Mbps.

Huawei's consumer business CEO Richard Yu said the company is hoping its latestsmartphones will offer an alternative for people who have to carry around their tabletcomputer, laptop, smartphone and camera all at once. So Huawei may be positioning the Mate at a lower price point.

Details about how much it will cost or how much RAM the phone comes with, Yu didn’t say. But one thing certain is that The Ascend Mate will go on sale in China in February and globally weeks afterwards (Huawei is apparently under discussions with US carriers).
So are you the one who interested in this phone? Welcome to leave your comments.

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