Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date Nears: 6 New Features You Can Expect

Samsung will officially announce its long-waited Galaxy S4 at a big press event in New York tomorrow, possibly in retaliation to the HTC One buzz that Samsung predicted might pop up, the launch is earlier than last year. As we we've gotten closer to the Galaxy S4 unveiling, a lot of news about the device has started trickling out, so we put it all in one place for you right here. Let’s go and have a look what new features that Samsung galaxy s4 may bring to us.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Release
1.  Eye Tracking:  Navigating the phone with your eyes is one of the Samsung Galaxy S4's rumored features. The new feature allows the user to scroll through Web pages, emails and other texts using just their eye movements. This feature is also expected to include “Eye Pause,” which will have the ability to pause videos when the user’s eyes move away from the screen. But a recent Bloomberg article reports that eye-scrolling (one of eye-tracking's behavioral expressions) won't make it into the Galaxy S4, but there's a strong chance that future devices could feature it.

2.  Touchless controls:  According to the report from the Korean publication DDaily, rumor says the Galaxy S IV can be controlled by touchless gestures instead of regular taps and swipes, for example, you can just answer a call by simply lifting the phone to their ear or even to click icons by hovering their finger over the screen.

3.  Samsung Wallet / Mobile payments:  Samsung has just announced its new Wallet mobile payment app at the Mobile World Congress and it looks like Apple’s Passbook feature, which allows the user to store virtual purchases such as concert tickets and airline boarding passes in their iPhone. The company also recently announced support for mobile payments via a new partnership with Visa, which will most likely roll out with the S4.

4.  Sharper Camera:  Unlike htc one’s 4-megapixel "Ultrapixel" camera, it is said that Samsung galaxy s4 also will have a higher-density, 13-megapixel camera, up from 8 megapixels in the S3, according to the people. And based on the news from tech website CNET, Samsung Galaxy S4 may have 3D camera and allowing users to take 360-degree panoramic images with their phones, may be a redesigned lens too.

5.  Wirelessly charge:  Following the steps of Nokia, Samsung Electronics is expected to add wireless charging capability to their flagship models in 2013. Samsung is expected to adopt Qi wireless charging technology run by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) for the Galaxy S IV.

6.  Hardware updates:  Samsung galaxy s3 powers with super specs and there is no doubt that the S4 is expected to ship with a speedy quad core processor, a 4.99-inch high definition AMOLED display and a 13-megapixel rear mounted camera. The device will also be available with 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of internal storage and a microSD slot for additional space.

What do you expect from the Galaxy S4?
So what are the top features that you expect to be included in the latest Galaxy s4 from Samsung? Welcome to leave your comments.
Galaxy S4  unpacked event
Note:  The unpacked event will start at 19:00 EST, 16:00 PT or 23:00 GMT. If you want to watch the live streaming of Samsung Galaxy S4 launch then you should head straight to the Samsung’s official YouTube channel, where they’ll be live streaming the event. Or you can also view the live from CNET. CNET will use ScribbleLive to bring you live text and photos, blow by blow. Check back an hour before Samsung officially kicks off its event.

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