Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs. Google Nexus 7: Should You Spend the Extra Bucks for the S-Pen?

Samsung said Tuesday the galaxy note 8.0, a competitor to iPad mini and Nexus 7, will hit stores in the U.S. this Thursday. The South Korean electronics giant said the small 8-inch tablet (features S Pen stylus) will only be available in a Wi-Fi version and sell for $399, much more expensive than the rival. The model comes with 16 gigabytes of storage. So Should You Spend the Extra Bucks for the S-Pen? Several days ago, I have compared the specs and other features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and Apple iPad mini and today I will continue to introduce you how it stack up against the Nexus 7.

Galaxy Note 8 vs. Nexus 7
The galaxy note 8 has a large display, but is quite thinner than the Nexus 7.

Galaxy Note 8 vs. Nexus 7
The two tablets weigh roughly the same, with the Nexus 7 tipping the scale just a hair more than the Note 8.

Galaxy Note 8 vs. Nexus 7
Just like their name says, galaxy note 8 features an 8-inch screen while the Nexus 7 has a 7-inch display. If you can sacrifice that (diagonal) inch of real estate, the Nexus 7’s screen should appear sharper.

Galaxy Note 8 vs. Nexus 7
Both tablets sport quad core processors. The Note’s offers better performance, but for everyday use, both will more than suffice.

Galaxy Note 8 vs. Nexus 7
In this aspect, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 doubles the Nexus 7’s 1 GB of random-access memory (RAM).

Galaxy Note 8 vs. Nexus 7
The storage edge goes to Samsung’s tablet. It offers larger internal flash memory options and can be expanded via microSD. The Nexus 7 doesn’t have a microSD slot.

Galaxy Note 8 vs. Nexus 7
If you’re looking for a Wi-Fi only device, both deliver. As far as (more expensive) mobile data options go, the Note has LTE and the Nexus 7 settles for HSPA+.

Galaxy Note 8 vs. Nexus 7
Galaxy note 8 has two cameras: a 5-megapixel main camera and a 1.3-megapixel user-facing camera. The Nexus 7 has no rear camera. So if you want to take photos with your tablet, just get the Note 8. Anyway, Megapixels aren’t everything.

Galaxy Note 8 vs. Nexus 7
People always want to take battery capacity with grains of salt, as many other factors combine to determine actual uptime. With that said, the Note 8.0’s battery holds a bit more juice.

Galaxy Note 8 vs. Nexus 7
Since the release of the Note 10.1, Samsung has been working to improve the user experience in its Note family of tablets, adding software enhancements that probably should have been there from the get-go.

The Galaxy Note 8.0’s stylus (S Pen) sees some upgrades, with greater integration into the Note’s Touchwiz software. Unsheathe the stylus, and the Note will prepare for pen input. Hover the S Pen over the screen, and select apps will respond accordingly (like previewing a post in Flipboard).

Apart from the S Pen, Samsung’s multi-windows feature, which allows for two simultaneous apps to run on the screen, has been thankfully enhanced too. Multi window is easily the best feature on the Note 8.0, especially when you need to copy and paste something between two apps.

The Nexus 7’s X-factor is its price. The 7-inchNexus 7 exists only for $200, much cheaper than Samsung Note 8. In the software aspect, Google Nexus 7 ships with the newest version of Android (4.2.2, Jellybean). It will also get future updates much quicker than Samsung’s tablet will. The Nexus 7 also sports “pure” (unskinned) Android, which many customers prefer over manufacturer UIs.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a stunning tablet with a truly useful stylus, but the price is a little expensive. So which is for you? Are you going to get the Galaxy Note 8.0 or Nexus 7?

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