How to Install the New GS4 Version of S-Voice on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 now is becoming increasingly available around the world and we're going to begin seeing many more of its software features leak out. While we wait for major software leaks and updates for things like the GS4 camera and the next iteration of Jelly Bean (Android 4.2), some features are available now, such as S-Translator, S-Voice. Good news to Galaxy S3 users, here I will show you how to install the New GS4 Version of S-Voice on Your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Note: This will install over the current S-Voice app and the .apk file works on both my Galaxy S3 and Nexus 4.

Step 1: Enable Outside Applications
Go to Settings -> Security and make sure to check "Unknown Sources"
Step 2: Download and Install S-Voice
Download the S4 version of S-Voice app right here. You can download this directly to your GS3 or transfer it from your computer. From there, install as you would any other app.
If for any reason you want to revert back to the standard S-Voice, simply go to Settings -> Application Manager and slide to "All", then scroll down and select "S-Voice". Now just hit the "Uninstall updates" button and you should be good.
The New S-Voice Features
You may find it's hard to know what's different here. There is a new weather widget (nice!), and a bunch of new tasks.
Unfortunately, the new S-Voice app stills have no "Note to self" functionality.
If you give it a try and find some cool stuff, let us know in the comment below!

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