Keep up with Google I/O 2013 from home

The Next Big Thing is here. Several days ago, I have written an article about what to Expect at Google's Big Conference. Are there really an updated Nexus 7 or Google Glass Updates and Apps? Let's wait and see. Now we’re only just one day away from Google's yearly developer conference. While only a few thousand lucky individuals will be in attendance, everyone will have a chance to watch from afar. Don’t be worry, Google is dedicated to making video of every single session from the conference available online, and even live streams as much coverage as possible. Below we will show you how to keep up with Google I/O 2013 from home.
Google I/O 2013
Watching the keynote
Of everything at Google I/O, what many are looking forward to most is the keynote. Although it's going to be hard to top skydiving with Google Glass onto the convention center, we'll all want to be watching it live to see what they can do this time. Luckily Google will be streaming the keynote live at 9am PT on May 15th. This is the only keynote of the conference and it’s going to be a whopping 3 hours long, so be sure to plan your restroom breaks accordingly.

Following sessions
Google has posted a complete list of sessions that will be available, each falling into one of the broader "tracks" such as Android, Chrome, Google+ and Glass. Using the session browser, you can choose to follow specific tracks, or you can look more broadly at the entire show. If a session you're interested in isn't broadcasted live, Google plans to make recorded versions available on its official Google Developers Youtube channel as soon as possible.

Install the app
The official Google I/O app has just been updated for this year's conference, and it has a whole lot of useful information. Not only can you follow all of the session times and keep tabs on what's coming next with scheduled alerts, but you can also watch any of the live streamed sessions. The I/O 2013 app will be your guide to everything Google for all three days next week, but it is only available for android temporary.

Now I've introduced the details about how to keep up with Google I/O 2013. Just enjoy your time.

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