Top 5 savvy ways to maximize your Samsung Galaxy S4's battery life

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a nice phone. The device boasts a 5-inch display, powerful processor, large removable battery and is full with a series of amazing new features. All of these drain battery life quickly and sometimes, the device does not last for a day and requires charging frequently. We’ll show you a few quick tips and tricks to get better Galaxy S4 battery life.

1.  Disable superfluous features
The Galaxy s4 is packed with extras such as Air Gesture and S Voice that always draw energy, even when you're not using them. Just expand the notification bar (swipe down from the top), and tap the icon in the upper-right corner. Here, tap to disable any features you're not using, including things like GPS and Sync, if they can be sacrificed.

2.  Switch to the Power Saving mode
The built-in Power Saving feature is useful when you're already low on battery and you need to maximize what you've got left. When enabled, your phone's CPU speed will be throttled, brightness will be stunted, and the background colors throughout the system will change to save as much power as possible.

To enable Power Saving, access it through the quick settings by swiping down from the notification shade and tapping the icon in the upper-right corner.

3.  Screen Auto Brightness
The Samsung Galaxy S4′s large 5-inch HD display is often the biggest battery life user. Turning on Auto Brightness, combined with the changes made in Power saving mode, will deliver better battery life.

Adjusting the screen timeout to a low setting will also make a cumulative difference to your battery. To adjust it, go to Settings > My device > Display timeout. Choose the lowest option you're comfortable with, like one minute.

4.  The wallpaper trick
Always use still images than Live Wallpaper if you concerned with the battery life and performance. Live Wallpapers consumes both power and RAM on your device.

At the same time, you should get this: the darker the wallpaper, the less energy the S4's AMOLED display will use. To switch your wallpaper, it is easy, simply long press anywhere on your homescreen and choose a new wallpaper from the pop-up menu.

5.  Find out what's draining your battery
To access it, go to Settings > More > Battery

Listed here are the apps and processes currently running, along with their battery usage by percentage (%). The screen will always be the biggest hog (about 50 to 60 percent), and fluctuates based on brightness. Below that, you'll see standard system features and a couple built-in apps like Google Maps. However, if there's a reason why your battery is draining quickly, you'll find it here. Check back every so often to find out if there's a battery-sucking app running in the background.

Savvy tip: Buy an extra battery
Even with these tips, you can't avoid a dead battery forever. Keep an official S4 battery (not a knock-off) charged and in your bag so you're ready for a swap when the time comes.

Do you have any other good tips to recommend? Thanks for leaving your opinions.

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