Whoa! Google's Selling a Pure Android Samsung Galaxy S4 on Google Play

Exciting news for all Android and Google lovers, Google just pulled out a Samsung Galaxy S4 on the Google I/O stage, unlocked, with Stock Android, on Google Play starting June 26. It has an unlocked bootloader, and supports LTE. The device runs on both T-Mobile and AT&T's LTE networks and comes with 16GB of storage.
Pure Android Samsung Galaxy S4
News said the new Samsung galaxy s4 hit 4 million shipments between April 26 (release date) and April 30, and had reached 6 million units sold by May 10. On the S4, the handset features a 1080p screen with 441 ppi, a 13 megapixel camera, and a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor or octa core Exynos chip are among its most impressive pieces of hardware. So should you buy Google's $649 Galaxy S4 or Samsung’s phone?

Familiar hardware, different software
The appeal of this new GS4, of course, depends on your take on Samsung’s and Google’s software. If you want the most features, you’re probably still better off with the standard Samsung version. It gives you most of Google’s features, plus a huge goody bag of TouchWiz features. But if you’re all about pure Google – no manufacturer UIs for you – then this is the new Nexus phone to own.
Samsung galaxy s4
But Unlike the Nexus 4, which starts off-contract at $300, the GS4 Google Edition won’t come cheap. The GS4 Google Edition starts at US$649 (off-contract, of course) exclusively from Google Play, so you'll be paying a pretty penny for that bigger 1080p screen, LTE, and other goodies.

The Google Edition of the Galaxy S4 will be available starting on June 26. For more information about the standard version, you can check out our Galaxy S4 review and then choose the winner between these two devices, the Google Edition of the Galaxy S4 or Samsung’s galaxy s4. Welcome to leave your comments.

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