How to get Hermès look with third party apple watch Hermès bands

We are sure that most of people are fall in love with the new fancy and unique Hermes Apple Watch band. But it is really too expensive that you have to leave. $1,100 for Single Tour (38mm or 42mm), $1,250 for Double Tour only 38mm, or $1,500 for Cuff only 42mm. So here we round up some third-party alternatives Hermès bands for apple watch that let you get more attractive but save much extra cash.

Recommend: Hoco 3in1 Single Tour Double Tour Cuff leather bands for apple watch

As we know, Hoco stainless steel bands enjoy a good reputation all around the world. And now they have designed the 3in1 hermes bands for your apple watch. Yes, 3in1 in one package. Hoco have done a good job on that.

As you can see below the picture, the package comes with the assembled Cuff band and the longer band for Double Tour band.

There is a tutorial video from official that show you how to remove the band with the buckle, View at here.

High quality
The quality is excellent at this price tag. You can’t expect more due to it only cost you $59. It is genuine leather and well-manufactured. It smells good without any kind of chemical-kind of smell. The leather is durable but quick soft and wears comfortable.

In addition, the bands come with the adapters and are well-polished. It is strong enough to hold you iwatch.

Single Tour

Double Tour


The bands comes ith 4 colors: Black, Brown, Blue, Red for 38mm/42mm. It is availablein our store now. Enjoy fast free shipping.

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